Art Partnering...... adding another dimension to your business
The no cost and effective way to enhance the image of your business.

In the current political and economic landscape; where governments are tightening their belts on arts funding, where businesses must evolve quickly to compete, it is important for artists and businesses to remember what they have to offer each other.

It’s a win-win scenario, we provide a stunning selection of high quality artworks, for display and sale. You provide wall space within your work place. Whether adding art to enhance the workspace for employees or to impress clients and customers, art partnering gives your business the personal touch and sets you apart from the competition.
 Art Partnering offers considerable benefits:      

It brightens up a room, providing an excellent first impression.

Provides a memorable point of interest for clients and staff.
It’s a no cost and effective way to enhance the image of your business.
It creates a professional and dynamic office, conference or lobby space.
Fulfil your company’s corporate social responsibility requirements.
When you partner with a local artist, you partner with the whole region. The arts enhance community development, create jobs, spur urban renewal, attract new businesses and draw tourism dollars.
Contemporary artwork appeals to a wide range of people and a wide range of tastes and can provide an edge to make your place of business stand out from your competition.
As a business owner or manager you know how important it is to make your customers feel comfortable. 

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     How it works:
We visit your business and discuss your requirements, with no obligation on your part.
You agree to hang your selected artwork in your office, conference room or lobby with display label and artist business cards.
We offer commission on any sales of works processed through your business, we invoice your business for the sale less commission at the time of sale.
All artworks are delivered with re-usable packing to allow purchaser to take possession of the artwork without inconvenience to you.
Every six months we will visit your business and change your artwork(s) This keeps your decor fresh and current.
We provide full insurance against damage to the artwork.
Hassle free– we organise delivery, sold artworks are replaced with new selection, no contract required.

The artworks are the work of Award winning artist, Kelli Mac,
 each artwork is signed individually by Kelli and produced using the highest quality materials and techniques available.

Why have a cheap framed poster on your walls when you can display museum quality artworks.

If you have a business located in Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast, or Brisbane and would like to know more about partnering a high quality artwork, contact us and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

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